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Coronavirus: Screening will now be selective in Morocco

Testing for the Coronavirus will no longer be generalized to all people suspected of having come into contact with the virus. The decision has just been taken by the Ministry of Health, which plans to limit its use to vulnerable people.

According to the data communicated by the supervising ministry, only the elderly and people with chronic diseases will take the diagnostic test.

The ministry is thus following in the footsteps of European countries, whose populations are subject to confinement and treatment at home, in order to avoid the saturation of hospitals.

Infected people whose state of health has deteriorated as well as those at risk are exempt from this new provision.

Recall that Morocco has experienced a significant increase in the number of cases of contamination and death since the lifting of the state of health emergency. In total, a toll of 25537 confirmed cases and 382 deaths has been recorded as of August 2.

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