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Coronavirus: The Ministry of Health relies on home monitoring

After several hesitations and in the face of calls to institute the measure in the face of the increase in cases of contamination, the Ministry finally resolved to provide for the monitoring of the least risky cases at home. This is what emerges from a circular that the department of Khalid Aït Taleb made public this Wednesday. Doctors and practitioners were waiting for him and calling out for him. The measure comes with specific criteria.
Only a part of the cases will be followed at home, with the aim of loosening the grip on public hospitals that have been a tightrope for months.

In details :
– Asymptomatic cases (without symptoms) are put on first-line treatment for a period of 7 days
– According to certain criteria and in the absence of risk factors, some cases are treated at home, with isolation during the 7 days of treatment and 7 additional days, a total of 14 days of isolation. These criteria include the absence of risk factors such as: age over 65 / asthma and chronic respiratory diseases / arterial hypertension / diabetes / pathological obesity / organ failure / cancer / any immunosuppression / Patient not suffering from any disorder psychic / Patient deemed capable of respecting the recommended precautions and reporting any clinical sign to the team in charge of treatment, available 24 hours a day. For these situations, a rigorous medical follow-up of the state of health must be ensured, in order to detect early any sign of worsening or adverse effect of the treatment. Also, the patient must also have a well ventilated single room.
– Symptomatic cases must be taken care of in a hospital environment and put on first-line treatment for a period of 10 days.

Home care consists of standard curative treatment according to the protocol in force, awareness of the adverse effects and barrier and hygiene measures, and daily telephone monitoring in search of the appearance of symptoms. symptoms of Covid-19 and the appearance of adverse effects of treatment

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