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Coronavirus: The vaccine has arrived in Morocco

Good news. As expected, the 2 million doses of AstraZeneca vaccine from the Serum Institute of India arrived at Mohammed V airport in Casablanca a few minutes ago. The Autonomous Refrigeration Authority of Casablanca (RAFC) will take care of the storage of vaccination doses.

The arrival in the Kingdom of the AstraZeneca vaccine was validated Thursday by the Indian government, which gave the green light to commercial exports of the Covid-19 vaccines. This first delivery announces the imminent start of the vaccination campaign in Morocco.

The Minister of Health, Khalid Aït Taleb had unveiled some details of this large-scale campaign which will be spread over 12 weeks at a rate of 6 working days over 7 and 4 periods of 21 days, an average of 150 to 200 vaccinations per day for each health staff, with the establishment of a system of permanence to ensure the normal functioning of other health services. The campaign will primarily target health personnel, public authorities, security services and personnel in the national education sector. Then, it will affect the other categories of citizens according to their age. To support the operation, a total of 25,631 medical personnel will be mobilized, including more than 11,000 in urban areas.

The launch of the vaccination campaign is eagerly awaited while a first case of contamination by the Covid-19 variant which appeared in the United Kingdom was detected in Morocco on Monday January 18, in Tangier, in a Moroccan national from Ireland on a ship leaving from the port of Marseille in the south of France.

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