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Coronavirus: Trump takes preventive hydroxychloroquine

US President Donald Trump revealed on Monday that he has been taking the antimalarial drug “hydroxychloroquine” for about a week and a half as a preventative against coronavirus.

“I take it because I hear great things,” Trump told reporters at a roundtable. “You know the expression: what do you have to lose?” He added.

“Every day, a fee per day. At some point, I will stop,” he said again, noting that all tests he had done so far for the Covid-19 had been negative.

President Trump said the White House doctor knows he is taking the drug despite the fact that he continues to test negative for the coronavirus. “Many front line workers take hydroxychloroquine,” he added, referring to doctors and nurses.

In April, the US drug regulatory agency (FDA/Food and Drug Administration) issued a warning that hydroxychloroquine should only be taken in hospitals due to the risk of heart complications, assuring that there is no evidence that taking hydroxychloroquine prevents Covid-19 infections.

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