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Covid-19: Morocco is the 3rd most affected country in Africa

The new Coronavirus (Covid-19) has affected 21908 people in Africa since its appearance last December, of whom at least 1083 have died, while 5478 have been declared cured. Morocco has so far recorded 2990 cases of Covid-19 contamination, including 340 people healed and 143 deaths, making it the third most affected country on the continent after South Africa and Egypt. Update on the situation in the continent.

In South Africa, the number of people who tested positive climbed to 3034, making it the country most affected by Covid-19 in Africa. The country has 52 deaths and 903 healings.

The countries most affected after South Africa are Egypt with 3032 cases, 224 deaths and 701 healings, Morocco with 2990 cases including 340 people healed and 143 deaths, Algeria with 2534 cases, 367 deaths and 894 healings and Cameroon, where the number of confirmed cases increased to 1017 cases, including 42 deaths and 305 recoveries.

For its part, Tunisia has identified 866 cases of Covid-19 infection, including 37 dead and 43 cures.

Other African countries have also been affected by the coronavirus pandemic, such as Ivoru Coast (801 cases and 8 dead), Ghana (834 cases and 09 dead), Niger (639 cases), Burkina Faso ( 565 cases), Nigeria (542 cases), Guinea (518 cases), Djibouti (732 cases), Senegal (350 cases) or the Democratic Republic of Congo (327 cases).

In addition, 262 cases were recorded in Kenya, 144 cases in Rwanda and 216 others in Mali, while Ethiopia has nearly 9108 cases of contamination including 03 deaths and 16 cases cured.

Somalia recorded 135 cases, including 07 deaths and 02 cures, and Gabon recorded 108 cases, including 01 deaths and 07 cures.

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