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CPI 2020: Morocco drops 6 places to 86th worldwide

The Corruption Perception Index (CPI) for 2020 shows that Morocco has lost 6 places in the world rankings compared to 2019, thus ranking 86th in a list of 180 countries.

The CPI is based on various surveys carried out by international agencies to score and rank countries on a scale of corruption and transparency deficit.

These expert assessments aim to measure public sector corruption by assigning each country a score ranging from 0 (highly corrupt) to 100 (very low corruption). In the case of Morocco, 7 different surveys were carried out in 2020.

Thus, as communicated by Transparency Maroc, during a press conference on Thursday, the monitoring of the situation of the corruption perception index shows that Morocco persists in occupying a place which can be considered as an area of ​​corruption. chronic and that over the last 4 years the country has been on a worsening trend – which is corroborated by the results of other surveys (such as The Global Corruption Barometer).

In 2020, Morocco’s ranking deteriorated six places and one point from 2019, with a score of 40 out of 100, and is ranked 86 out of 180 countries. The significance of this stagnation (2 points and 7 positions lost in 2019), is the absence on the part of the state of signs and of a will to seriously fight against corruption, estimates Transparency Maroc.

According to the Association, Morocco’s exit from endemic corruption will require the Moroccan state to effectively initiate anti-corruption measures, which implies showing real political will not limited to speeches, in particular by:

– Effectively implement the national anti-corruption strategy
– Completing the law of the national body for probity and the fight against corruption, by ensuring its independence, means and possibilities for investigation
– Adopt a law on conflict of interest and implement it to stop the manifestation of conflicts of interest observed every day, particularly in public procurement
– Revise the law and ensure effective protection of witnesses and whistleblowers of corruption
– Criminalize illicit enrichment within the framework of the fundamental principles set out by law
– Reform laws on asset declaration and implement them.

The United Arab Emirates, a good student of the Arab world

At the global level, the results of the Perception Index 2020 show that Denmark and New Zealand continue to occupy the first ranks with a score of 88, while the lowest scores are attributed to Syria (14), South Sudan and Somalia (12).

For the Arab world, the United Arab Emirates continue to record the best scores, (21st), followed by Qatar (30th), while the bottom of the ranking in this area counts Iraq at the 160th position and the Syria (178th).

Jordan (60th) and Tunisia (69th) do better than Morocco, which is ahead of Algeria and Egypt respectively 104th and 117th.

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