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CPI: Morocco 3rd best country in the World

The World Climate Performance Index (CPI) ranked Morocco among the top three countries in the ranking behind Sweden and Denmark.

In their 2020 ranking report, the organizations “Germanwatch”, “the NewClimate Institute” and “the Climate Action Network”, which bring together more than 350 climate and energy experts, gave Morocco a general performance score of 70.63, against 75.77 for Sweden and 71.14 for Denmark.

The Climate Performance Index is an independent monitoring tool for tracking countries’ performance in climate protection. It aims to strengthen the transparency of international climate policy and allows the comparison of climate protection efforts and the progress made by each country.

Morocco therefore leads the best performing countries in the general classification alongside the two European climate champions.

In terms of renewable energies, CPI experts underline Morocco’s high ambitions with the target of 42% for 2020 and 52% for 2030 in the electricity sector.

The ambitious emission reduction targets by 2030, currently extended to 2050, and the successful elimination of fossil fuel subsidies (in part) in 2015 are also behind the good marks awarded by the experts to the Morocco.

The CPI report further highlights the active role played by Morocco in advocating for the least developed countries in international negotiations which has been rewarded with a high rating from experts for its performance in international climate policy.

The CPI 2020, which judges the performance of 57 selected countries and the EU, is based on the methodological design introduced in 2017 which covers all greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and assesses targets for 2030 , as well as compatibility with a trajectory that keeps global warming well below 2 °C of current levels.

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