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Crowdfunding to boost the real estate sector

Real estate in Morocco will revive thanks to crowdfunding, an alternative financial ecosystem, whose legislative framework was approved in parliament.

While the real estate sector is going through cyclical downturns marked by a slowdown in sales and large unsold inventories, new financing mechanisms (crowdfunding, REIT…) are coming.

From 2020, the market will have to reinvent the method of accessing financing through dedicated technology platforms that raise funds for construction or renovation projects for housing, offices, hotels, businesses, etc. The entry ticket is accessible at most, even individuals, with a maturity of investment rather short.

The bill 15-18 on collaborative financing has been approved by the parliament. Once passed by the General Secretariat of the Government, adopted and entered into force, this regulation will stimulate new forms of financing, boost electronic platforms, startups, project leaders and promote entrepreneurship in all its forms.

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