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Cuba appoints first resident ambassador to Morocco

The rapprochement between Cuba and Morocco is becoming clearer. Havana has decided to appoint Javier Dómokos Ruiz resident ambassador to the kingdom, says “diplomatic sources” in Rabat. A first following the restoration of diplomatic relations between the two countries, announced on April 21, 2017 under the chairmanship of Raul Castro, after 37 years of rupture.

While waiting for his official accreditation by the Moroccan authorities, the diplomat should make a visit to Rabat with the objective of finding a seat for the chancery of his country and his personal residence, adds the same sources. He had previously represented his country in Canada as consul general in Toronto.

During these 27 months of normalization, Cuba had designated, Elio Eduardo Rodríguez Perdomo, ambassador plenipotentiary and extraordinary in Morocco but with residence in Paris. He had made two visits to the kingdom. In August 2018, he presented his credentials, met with the Speaker of the House of Representatives and the Minister of Foreign Affairs in Rabat. During the second visit in May 2019, he met with the ministers of National Education and Youth and Sports and the Mayor of Rabat.

With this new development in the ties between the two states, the Polisario could be worried about an erosion of its influence in Cuba. Will the authorities in Havana try to allay Brahim Ghali’s fears, as was the case in 2017?

For the record, just days after the announcement of the reestablishment of relations with Morocco, the daily Granma, the press organ of the Cuban Communist Party, published a revealing article on the identity of its real recipient: “Cuba -Morocco: The political will to build bridges without forgetting the history and the principles”.

Three months after the announcement of the normalization of relations, Havana rolled out the red carpet to receive Brahim Ghali. He will return in December 2018.

The appointment of a new Cuban ambassador with residence in Rabat comes as the kingdom scores points in Latin America and the Caribbean region including the withdrawal of the recognition of “SADR” by El Salvador and Barbados meanwhile that of Ecuador.

As a reminder, the kingdom has a diplomatic representation in Havana headed by Ambassador Boughaleb El Attar, a member of the USFP appointed to this position in April 2018 by King Mohammed VI. He had also submitted his credentials to the Cuban authorities on 29 June.

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