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Cybersecurity: Morocco in shortage of experts

The data protection sector in Morocco is struggling to recruit due to lack of curriculum and lack of information on existing channels, says a recently published study on the subject.

From year to year, the number of hacks targeting large companies but also SMEs continues to grow. To counter these attacks, Moroccan companies are investing increasingly in computer security. But this shift is hampered today by the insufficient number of specialists on the market, as revealed by the study conducted in October 2018 by Kaspersky Lab, a world leader in the security of information systems, and the firm of Averty studies. While 85% of respondents believe that cybersecurity is a job of the future, the number of men and women to enter the industry remains minimal.

30% of respondents explain this lack of interest by the lack of training in the country. Julien Jean, CEO of Africa Global Services, the exclusive representative of ESET, a security solutions provider soon to be established in Morocco, has recently seen it in the field. “Although I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the Moroccan workforce, especially in telecom and IT, I met few people who mastered cybersecurity”, he admits. The study recommends developing specialized courses for future graduates and, in parallel, raising awareness among employees to improve knowledge in this area.

The sector is also suffering from a lack of popularity among women. For them, these occupations occupy the 17th position in terms of attractiveness, while it is among men in their top 5. 37% say they have never heard of this profession. For Ilijana Vavan, Europe Director of Kaspersky Lab, young girls need earlier access to advice and information on the sector so that they do not discard this option in their choice of orientation. It calls for more diversity, considering that women have a role to play in the resolution of this crisis. “In the face of more and more ingenious, protean attacks, skills are constantly evolving and so are the profiles. Without diversity, our fight is lost”.

But this phenomenon of scarcity is not specific to Morocco. “We lack talent in Europe, especially in France. The small amount of trained manpower is quickly absorbed by American and Canadian companies”, explains Julien Jean. According to a study by Cybersecurity Ventury, 3.5 million jobs in cybersecurity will be vacant by 2021 worldwide. What cause vocations.

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