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Daesh threatens the actors of “Mosul”, a film shot in Morocco

Actors of the film “Mosul” shot in Morocco and broadcast on Netflix are threatened with death by the terrorist organization Daesh.

Obviously, the script for the hit film directed by Matthew Michael Carnahan did not please the terrorist organization. “Mosul” recounts the mission and heroic fight of a SWAT team in the city against Daesh. This film is inspired by real events, and was performed in Darija, Moroccan Arabic.

Death threats and intimidation by anonymous people declaring themselves to be Daesh or identifying as their supporters were made against the film’s cast following news of its release. “When I posted on social media that the film was going to be released, from day one there was a lot of Daesh content. They put a lot of videos and insults. For example, “Now we know you, you have to be careful. Every day, touch your head to make sure it’s still there. We know where you live and we’re going to reach you,” said Iraqi actor Suhail Dabbach, who plays Major Jasem.

Adam Bessa, a young French-Moroccan actor, has also received death threats on Whatsapp. He plays Kawa, the other main role in the film. His Instagram account was hacked and completely erased.

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