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Dam fill rate is 45% in Morocco

The hydraulic basins in Morocco recorded deficits with variable proportions: Tensift -37%, Oum Erbia -47%, Souss-Massa -67% … The low rainfall since 2015 had a negative impact on the dam reserves and groundwater.

Morocco experienced low rainfall this year from September 2019, a situation which impacted the various hydraulic basins, the Minister of Equipment, Transport, Logistics and Water, Abdelkader Amara.

The Loukkos and Tangier basins as well as the Mediterranean basins recorded a 22% drop in water supplies.

The picture is less encouraging for the Sebou and Moulouya basins, where there has been a decrease of 24% and 26% respectively. Similarly, the Tensift basin recorded a drop in water supplies of -37%, the Oum Erbia basin -47%, the Bouregreg basin -49%, the Drâa basin -58% and the Souss Massa basin -67%, added the minister.

According to the minister, the total volume of water supply in all of the Kingdom’s dams, since September 1, amounts to around 3.8 billion m3, a deficit of 66% compared to the average annual.

He further noted that it is foreseeable in the future that the annual average temperature will increase by almost 1 to 3 degrees by 2050 compared to the period 1986-2005, a development which would have negative repercussions on the water resources.

In addition, Mr. Amara stressed that the coming days will be marked by the creation of hydraulic basin councils which will bring together all stakeholders, namely administrations, civil society and elected officials, in order to discuss related issues with water.

The volume of water reserves in dams has reached around 7.5 billion cubic meters, representing a total filling rate of around 45%, compared to almost 54% last year.

The Minister recalled that under the National Water Plan 50 large dams will be built to reach a storage capacity of 32 billion cubic meters instead of 18.7 billion today, in order to respond to the problems related to drought.

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