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Dark Web: Data from 18 million Moroccans on the black market

Data from the internet of as many as 18 million Moroccans was sold on the internet during a hacking operation.

The “dark web” (set of websites hosted on encrypted networks with masked IP addresses), continues to do damage, and Morocco is no exception.

During the month of May, a hacking operation, in the dark web, targeted 18 million Moroccans, with the aim of reselling the data collected, on the black market.

In addition, cyber attack experts have sounded the alarm about this kind of operation which involves the sale of personal data in the Kingdom.

276 million Facebook accounts have been targeted worldwide, including 18 million in Morocco, for the sum of 30,000 dollars, based in particular on their geographic location as well as their marital status, their telephone number, or their email address.

The data in question is generally sold to advertisers who target the internet user, according to an illegally constituted database.

The dark web is a sub-part of the deep web (deep or invisible), its specificity is due to the anonymity that it can constitute, and the non-traceability of online exchanges but it also makes it a privileged place of traffic and of perversions of all kinds.

The sites are voluntarily not indexed by the developers, so that they are only accessible by entering the exact domain name or a password. The deep web, according to some specialists, is 200 to 500 times more important than the known web. It is within this immense network that the dark web is located, which in turn designates the content broadcast on superimposed networks (or overlay networks) called darknets.

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