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Development model: A special commission will be installed

In a speech to the nation on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of his accession to the throne, King Mohammed VI indicated that the Special Commission on the Development Model will be installed next September. “We have ensured that this commission, by its composition, brings together different academic disciplines and various intellectual sensitivities, by making use of national skills from the public and private,” said the Sovereign. And to add that these profiles “must be sufficiently equipped to understand the dynamics at work in society and to meet its expectations, without ever losing sight of the best interests of the Nation”.

The King also stressed that this commission “will not take place either as a second government or as a parallel official institution”. “It will act as an advisory body with a limited mission over time”. The commission “will have to take into account the major orientations of the reforms undertaken or in the process of being implemented, in sectors such as education, health, agriculture, investment and the tax system. His proposals will have to aim at their improvement and the increase of their efficiency,” said the King.

“We expect this commission to fulfill its mandate impartially and objectively by bringing to our knowledge an accurate assessment of the state of affairs, as painful and painful as it may be,” also emphasized Mohammed VI, adding that the commission should also be “endowed with the audacity and genius necessary to propose appropriate solutions.”

“Rather than being part of a logic of rupture with the past, it is a question of setting a new milestone in our development process,” explained the Sovereign.

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