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Didier Lamblin leaves Centrale Danone

Moment of emotion last week in Casablanca for the evening organized in honor of Didier Lamblin by Centrale Danone. After 4 years as CEO of the Moroccan subsidiary, Lamblin passed the reins to Nathalie Alquier on November 1st. He said goodbye to Centrale Danone’s main employees, suppliers, customers … and union leaders. With the latter, he had had difficult exchanges during a very turbulent period.

The hectic periods at Centrale, he could not retract in his traditional speech of departure: the first was a long strike, hard and little publicized, caused by the plan of transformation of the sales force. Centrale Danone, which he was responsible for ensuring integration into the group, had inherited an old-fashioned organization in commercial tours. He wanted to go to the presale, an old project that was never completed in this company. Pre-sales means less staff and often lower pay for salespeople. One can imagine the resistance: “I lived my hardest professional experience, the longest strike” …

The second shock of his four-year term was the boycott, launched on April 23, 2018. A terrible and historical episode, not exhausted by sociologists or economists. Emmanuel Faber has personally been involved in finding ways out. Today, the company comes back from a distance. She is saved, Lamblin will say. Or in the process of being.

Lamblin has spent his entire career at Danone. His responsibilities in France, Mexico, South Africa have earned him all the awards. His Moroccan experience, the last of his career at Danone, was the hardest in human terms and he made a point of honor to complete his integration plan and overcome the boycott before the end of his term.

“Emmanuel” (Faber) supported him, just like “Franck” (Riboud) before him. Didier Lamblin will have transmitted to Morocco the main message of the new Danone: a human company, open to its environment, involved in society, as Franck wanted and as Emmanuel did so well. The memory of the man will be remembered as much, if not more than the leader. He will have brought the mark to the deepest of himself with convictions and sincerity that were visible and audible.

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