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Djorkaeff, Ayala…The third edition of the FootGolf World Cup

For the third time in history, FootGolf is entitled to its World Cup. This edition, organized by France and Morocco, will take place from 9 to 16 December.

Invented in the Netherlands in 2009, FootGolf is a young but booming sport. In France, the number of licensees is constantly increasing. In 2017, there were more than 4000 licensees. The rules are almost similar to those of the Golf. Logically, the main difference comes from the hole, much wider to accommodate a football rather than a golf ball. Then the ball must be played in a single movement and frankly, like a pass or a shot. Little fantasy, the outfit. Indeed, this sport has a very special dress code: bermuda, polo with a collar, high socks, beret/cap, sneakers or stabilized football boots (no crampons).

For the third time in history, a World Cup will take place from December 9 to 16. The city of Marrakesh has been chosen to host the event. This edition is co-organized by the French Association and the Moroccan FootGolf Association, two very important players in this sport. Rachid Daoudi, president of the Moroccan Federation, is very proud to promote this sport: “It will be a great moment for us. With our partner, the French FootGolf Association, we have the desire to be more influential in the world of FootGolf, thanks to the weight given by this co-organization, which we wish to exemplify. All this in order to promote this discipline in Morocco and extend FootGolf’s network of courses throughout the Kingdom. “To be able to participate, several criteria must be respected: to be over 18 years old; have participated in at least 5 tournaments; obtain a minimum mark of 15/20 on the practical questionnaire submitted by the FIFG; be fired from the FIFG World Tour; be a member of an association or a national federation affiliated with the FIFG. Some will not be subject to these criteria, for example the world champion or champions, the top 20 of the FIFG World Tour 2018 etc…

Two years ago in Argentina, Christian Otero was crowned individually in his country, while the USA won at the same time the first edition of the competition by country. This year, 36 nations will be represented, with more than 500 players in total. There will be, as since 2006, a champion of the world men (beginning of the tournament on 10 December) and for the second time, a world champion country FootGolf (France being a favorite, start of the competition on 12 December). But this year, and for the first time in history, other world champions will be titled. First, a senior world champion (over 45), but also for the first time in history, a women’s world champion (beginning of two tournaments on 10 December).

This edition in Morocco will take two courses. The organizers chose the Montgomerie Marrakesh and the Al Maaden Golf Resort. The first city is a reference in the FootGolf in Morocco since it is the first course to have been approved in the country. From 9 to 16 December, it will host the competitions of the Senior and Ladies categories as well as the VIP FootGolf Challenge (for partners and personalities). The second hosted the FootGolf Cup final in 2017. Two courses have been specially created at Al Maaden Golf Resort to host this World Cup.

For this third edition, two ambassadors have been chosen. For France, Yuri Djorkaeff. The 98 world champion, a follower of this new sport, will be present. Noureddine Naybet, a former Moroccan international, will represent Morocco on his side. Beyond these two ambassadors, each participating nation has the right to include three international or professional alumni in its selection. The opportunity to see Benjamin Gavanon or Camel Meriem for France. There will also be former players for other selections like Roberto Ayala for Argentina, Adel Chedli for Tunisia, Pierre Van Hooijdonk for the Netherlands and Ludovic Obraniak for Poland.

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