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Donald Trump’s daughter mentioned Morocco in a tweet

Ivanka Trump, daughter and special advisor to the US president, hailed the adoption by Morocco of a new legislative framework of the Soulaliyate lands devoting more equality and openness to investments for the benefit of women in particular.

“We applaud the Moroccan gov for this important step,” wrote Ivanka Trump on Monday on Twitter.

She added: “We look forward to supporting their full implementation”. “W-GDP will continue to support women’s land rights,” said the US President’s Special Advisor, referring to the Women’s Global Development and Prosperity Initiative (WGDP), a government program set up in February 2019 by the US government.

This program led by Ivanka Trump aims to help women’s economic empowerment. It has a budget of $ 50 million, provided by the US Agency for International Development USAID.

Remember that the draft law on the organization of the administrative supervision of the soulaliyate communities brings fundamental novelties. It limits the use of traditions in the management and exploitation of the assets of these communities in compliance with legislative texts and tends to encourage the productive investment of wealth, employment and self-employment in these communities, equality between women and men, members of these communities, in the rights and duties, in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution.

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  1. MoroccanAssociation TariqBnoZiad

    Welcome Miss beautiful Ivanka to my country of origin , kingdom of Morocco , the first country in the world to stand for the new born@U.S. I’m @arabsmuslims on Twitter. God saves you and protect America.

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