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Drilling of new gas wells by SDX Energy in Morocco

The British company “SDX Energy”, based in London and specializing in oil and gas exploration, is launching its 2021 campaign to drill wells in Morocco. The company unveiled the timetable for the first phase of this initiative, which comes two months after the extension until the end of 2021 of the license to operate the “West Gharib” area.

“SDX Energy”, which owns a direct 75% stake in the Sebou concession, located in the Gharb basin, has launched additional development activities until the end of 2021 at this site. This campaign was delayed by about a month due to travel restrictions linked to the Covid-19 pandemic, “which severely delayed the mobilization of equipment and personnel in Morocco,” Mark Reid, CEO of SDX Energy, said in a statement.

Three of the five wells will be drilled in the next three months in the Gharb basin, using modern techniques to extract natural gas at a lower cost, as the company will exploit the drilling platform already stacked at its construction site in Morocco. Work on the other two wells, will begin in September-October 2021, said SDX, specifying that the drilling of these five wells in the second and fourth quarters of the current fiscal year, are part of the 12-well project, launched in last quarter of 2019.

The first three wells are expected to achieve a target of 1.8 billion cubic feet of recoverable gas (1.3 billion cubic feet of P90/1.8 billion cubic feet of P50, gross non-risky recoverable resources), said in a statement, the energy company specializing in the MENA region and more particularly in Egypt and Morocco with regard to North Africa.

According to the internationally listed London Oil Exchange, the first “OYF-2” well in the Gharb region is expected to descend to a depth of approximately 1160 meters, while the second “KSR-17 ”to gas exploration at a depth of 1,720 meters. The third well, “KSR-18”, targets the “Guebbas” and “Hoot” reservoirs. The purpose of these wells is to add “reserves so that we can continue to deliver gas to our customers in accordance with their contractual requirements,” the British company concludes.

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