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Drought: Dams in Morocco filled to 39.7% against 49% a year ago

The reservoirs of the main national dams have reached, to date, more than 6.19 billion cubic meters, or a filling rate of 39.7%, according to data from the Ministry of Equipment, Transport, Logistics and water.

This level is lower than that recorded on the same date in 2019, during which the reservoirs amounted to nearly 7.64 billion m3, a filling rate of 49%, according to the daily situation of dams established by the General Directorate of Water.

The Al Wahda dam in the province of Ouezzane shows a filling rate of 55.1% against 55% on the same date in 2019 with a retention of 1.94 billion m3.

The filling rate of the Al Massira dam (Province of Settat) amounts to 14.5%, a water availability of 386.5 million m3, against 495.1 million m3 a year earlier (18.6%), according to the same source.

That of the Bin El Ouidane dam in the province of Azilal stands at 23.6% (287.2 million m3), against 50.3% (611.9 million m3) on September 11, 2019.

The Idriss 1th dam (Fez province) recorded a volume of 712.9 million m3 (63.1%) against 917.7 million m3 (81.2%) on the same date last year, while that of Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah has a reservoir of 583.17 million m3, or a filling rate of 59.8%.

The reservoir of the Ahmed El Hansali dam (province of Béni Mellal) has a volume of 95.1 million m3 (14.2%), and that of Oued El Makhazine (province of Larache) has a volume of 567.7 million m3 (84.4%), notes the same source.

Regarding the reservoir of the El Mansour Eddahbi dam (Ouarzazate province), it is of the order of 92.4 million m3 (20.7%), against 178.2 million m3 at the same date of the year past (40%).

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