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EDF Pulse Africa: 3 award-winning Moroccan startups

Three startups shone at the “EDF Pulse Africa” Challenge organized by EDF to find African entrepreneurs with innovative projects in the field of energy. The Moroccan start-up Azolis (off-grid power generation category) has been named the winner of the 1st “EDF Pulse Africa”. It has proposed batteries incorporating a BMS (Battery Management System) with “Active Balance” that can increase their performance with a tripled lifetime, improve their resistance to dust and high temperatures. This small battery thus makes it possible to improve the deployment of on-grid and off-grid on-grid solar kits systems.

Winsol won the 2nd award (Off-Grid Electric Production category). This startup offers a hybrid electric generator system between photovoltaic panel and wind turbine. This 2 in 1 solution, using two renewable energies, from the sun and the wind, produces high efficiency electrical energy even under unfavorable conditions. The 3rd startup Farasha Systems has won the prize (Production category of uses and electrical services). It provides developers and operators of renewable energy plants with solar powered drones for the inspection of power plants.

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