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Electricity: The evening peak recorded on July 25

The record of the evening peak was recorded Thursday, July 25 and reached 6540 MW at 21:45, an increase of 230 MW compared to the year 2018, said the National Office of electricity and drinking water (ONEE). During the same day, the peak power demand at the morning peak reached 6260 MW at 12:45, up 88 MW from the previous year, said ONEE.

This increase in consumption is explained by the strong heat wave that Morocco experienced during the week of July 22.

Two peaks were recorded in the evenings of July 23 and 24 and reached 6420 MW and 6510 MW respectively. The maximum power demand at morning peak reached 6196 MW on July 24th. “The demand for electric power in Morocco is increasing significantly during the summer months, which is mainly explained this year by a massive use of air conditioning in the tertiary and residential sectors and agricultural pumping for the irrigation needs. This, because of the heat that is currently recorded in almost all regions of the Kingdom,” recalls the Office.

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