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Ellis Island Medal of Honor: King Mohammed VI receives a prestigious International Prize

King Mohammed VI has been awarded the International Ellis Island Medal of Honor Award 2019, a prestigious American honor bestowed on American and international personalities whose personal, professional and philanthropic contributions benefit the global community.

Past recipients of the Ellis Island Medal of Honor include seven US Presidents: Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagon, George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, and Donald Trump.

Awarded by the Ellis Island Honors Society, this medal embodies the spirit of America through the celebration and recognition of patriotism, tolerance, fraternity and diversity.

The mission of the Ellis Island Honors Society is to honor and preserve diversity and promote tolerance, respect and understanding between religious and ethnic groups.

Founded in 1986, this institution is also dedicated to the maintenance and restoration of the greatest symbol of American immigration history, Ellis Island, home to the famous Statue of Liberty in New York.

Morocco, in turn, became land of immigration is distinguished by a humanist migration policy initiated by the Sovereign drawing on the tradition of openness and the principle of multiculturalism constantly advocated by the king.

In addition to American personalities, world leaders, including Nobel laureates and top names in academia, arts, industry, and sports, received this medal.

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