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Energy audit: Elum Energy raises awareness

Elum Energy, a company based in Casablanca and Paris, which operates in Morocco mainly in the field of industrial energy efficiency, is organizing a conference on the law on compulsory energy audit on Thursday 28 November in Casablanca. This meeting will raise the awareness of industry and operations managers wishing to better understand the new law and its legal implications. It intervenes on the occasion of the entry into application of the new decree n ° 2.17.746 on the obligation of the energy audit for industries.

Indeed, manufacturers must acquire new tools to comply with the new energy efficiency and energy audit measures imposed by law. This will require IS0 50001 certification, or an annual energy audit. The meeting will notably shed light on the industries concerned and those exempted by the new decree as well as the stages of an efficient energy audit.

It will also focus on metering and monitoring solutions that enable real-time reliable diagnosis of energy consumption, detect energy saving actions, implement them and quantify savings.

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