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Entry into force of the state of health emergency in Morocco

The state of health emergency entered into force Friday at 18:00 (GMT +1) and until further notice, in accordance with the decision held Thursday to preserve the health and safety of Moroccan society.

A statement from the Interior Ministry said that traffic will be conditioned by obtaining an exceptional travel permit from law enforcement officials. This document will make it possible to get to work for administrations and open establishments, including companies, factories, agricultural work, premises and commercial spaces related to the daily life of the citizen, pharmacies, banking and financial sectors, hydrocarbon supply stations, clinics and medical offices, agencies of telecommunications companies, essential liberal professions and premises for the sale of hygiene products.

The ministry, in addition, specified that the local authorities will ensure the distribution of this document in the homes of the citizens, which means that it is not necessary to travel to the administrations to have it, adding that exceptional travel authorization is also available on the site: “http://covid19.interieur.gov.ma” which the ministry has devoted to this purpose.

This authorization exclusively concerns adults, who can also ensure the displacement of children who are under their responsibility in case of extreme necessity and within the limits of the exceptions already announced, insists the same source.

The ministry also underlines that the exceptional displacement authorization remains valid until the end of the “state of health emergency”, specifying that it is enough to check the box of the reasons for the displacement outside the residence, if necessary.

The ministry noted that the document given by officials in the public and private sectors to those affected by work during the period of health emergency remains sufficient to travel exclusively to workplaces, without resorting to exceptional travel authorization issued by local authorities.

While warning that citizens are required to comply with these mandatory measures under penalty of sanctions provided for in the Criminal Code, the ministry said that the local authorities and the Public Forces, National Security, Royal Gendarmerie and Auxiliary Forces, will ensure the application of control measures firmly and responsibly against anyone on the public highway.

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