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Euromoney Awards 2019: AWB, “Best Bank in Morocco”

The Attijariwafa bank (AWB) Group won the “Best Bank in Morocco” award for the 9th time at the “Euromoney Awards for Excellence 2019” award ceremony of the prestigious English magazine Euromoney, announces the Group in a statement.

This distinction reflects the excellence of Attijariwafa bank on a number of criteria, namely the good conduct, innovation and momentum in the markets in which the group excels, says the Bank, which, according to Euromoney magazine, has experienced a year of remarkable growth and distinguished itself thanks to solid financial performance and geographic reach.

Established in 1992, the Euromoney Awards for Excellence are the reference prices for banks and bankers and were the first of their kind in the global banking sector. This year, Euromoney received nearly 1,500 bank bids as part of a rewards program covering 20 global awards, more than 50 regional awards and the best bank prices in nearly 100 countries.

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