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Expelled from Algeria, Ahmed Benchemsi lands in Casablanca

After being expelled from Algeria, Ahmed Benchemsi arrived at Casablanca airport last Monday according to informed sources. We also learn that he entered the national territory “without having been bothered by the authorities”.

Recall that according to several Algerian media, Justice ordered Sunday, August 18, 2019, the expulsion of Ahmed Reda Benchemsi.

These same sources claim that he entered the Algerian territory “without any official authorization to act as representative of the American organization Human Rights Watch”.

The first results of the investigation indicate that the presence of Ahmed Reda Benchemsi in Algeria “is part of an agenda to infiltrate the popular movement that shakes the country,” said media.

Arrested Friday (9 August) in Algiers, Human Rights Watch’s director of communication for the Middle East and North Africa, Ahmed Benchemsi, was released “at night, around midnight”, after several hours of investigation, reports media, which quotes a “source close to the interested party”.

The founder and former director of Telquel magazine was arrested during the popular mobilization and was taken to a police station in Algiers before being placed in police custody, according to media.

Human Rights Watch condemned Benchemsi’s treatment in Algeria, saying he was held for about 10 days “without any special reason”. The Algerians have confiscated his cell phone and computer. HRW asserts that Benchemsi had entered with the necessary authorizations, which contradicts the official version of the Algerians. The journalist refused to collaborate with the Algerian police by delivering information.

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