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Exports of traditional industry leading in 2018

The Ministry of Tourism, Air Transport, Handicraft and Social Economy said that “the exports of the traditional industry achieved a good development during 2018, with a progress rate of 18.4% compared to 2017.”

According to a report, “copper is at the top of the products which had strong external demand during 2018, which ranked first in the level of development and recorded a ratio of 84% compared to 2017, and this strong development was also known exports of blankets, Up 83%.”

“The good performance was also found in the products of pottery/stone (49%), iron and wood products (30% each) compared with 2017,” he said.

In terms of the contribution of the various products to the number of export transactions, the communiqué states, “Three groups of traditional handicraft products, pottery/stone, traditional and artificial clothing, account for 51% of the total value of exports (20%, 16% and 15%, respectively).”

According to the Ministry’s report, “Morocco’s traditional exports to European countries achieved a good growth (14%) during the year 2018. France topped the list with a growth rate of 52% compared with 2017, followed by Italy (46%), and Spain, which is third with 15% growth.”

“Exports to the rest of the European countries, including the Scandinavian countries, also saw an important development (17 percent) compared to 2017,” the ministry said. “The United States has shown strong demand for Moroccan traditional products over the past year, and achieved a good development rate of 32%, as well as exports to the Arab countries, which rose by 19%.”

As for the share of different countries in the number of export transactions, Arab countries continue to be able to hold the largest share (29%), followed closely by the United States, which maintains a good share (26%).

“Tangier exports grew strongly in 2018, with a 69 per cent growth rate compared to 2017. Marrakesh is second with 31 per cent growth, followed by Casablanca close to 30 per cent.”

“Casablanca and Marrakesh remain the most important exporters of traditional Moroccan products, accounting for 81% of the total, while Casablanca is ranked first,” the ministry said.

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