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Facebook changes the names of Whatsapp and Instagram to show who they belong to

Facebook is currently The social network of the market. In addition to its platform, which has seen many changes since its inception, the property of Mark Zuckerberg has consolidated its leadership position through the acquisition of WhatsApp and Instagram, something that the company wants to affirm with a mention “From Facebook”on these two platforms.

Since he bought Instagram (2012) and WhatsApp (2014), Facebook has not stopped bringing his “personal touch” to both applications. Indeed, if at first Zuckerberg’s social network did not interfere in the management of the two companies, it seems that it did not last. Facebook has placed some of its leaders in the management of WhatsApp and Instagram, before deciding to go a step further in terms of its “signature”.

Zuckerberg has decided to include the words “From Facebook” next to the names of the two applications, just to show who is the boss in the picture. This change will be visible on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store when you want to download both applications. This change has already been made to the other company owned by Facebook, Oculus, which specializes in the development of virtual reality applications and equipment.

This announcement comes just a few months from Zuckerberg’s comments about the launch of a platform bringing together the three social networks. He had indicated that he wants users to leave one application to access another, maximizing the user experience. An official in the social network also said that the goal behind adding “From Facebook” is “to allow Facebook to be clearer about our products and services, as well as all platforms that are part of of our universe”.

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