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FIFA Ranking: Morocco climbs to 33rd worldwide

The Moroccan football selection has won two places in the new ranking of the International Football Federation (FIFA), published Thursday, now ranking 33rd in the world.

Morocco, winner of AfCON (African Cup Of Nations for local players), and Mali (54th, up 3), finalist, sign the best progressions, writes the world body on its website.

Guinea (72nd, plus 1), third, and Congo (90th, plus 1), quarter-finalists, also progressed, indicates the same source, noting that for the first FIFA world ranking of 2021, a total of 43 matches A teams (including one played in December 2020) were taken into account.

The most important event in recent weeks has been AfCON with a total of 32 matches played. These matches as well as the 11 remaining matches to be played are considered as friendly matches because the AfCON only includes players playing in the national championships of the participating countries, explains FIFA.

According to the same source, among the other teams which improved their position in February are Costa Rica (50th, up 1) who returned to the top 50 after an absence of a few months, Cape Verde (80th, up 1), Oman (81st, up 1), Benin (82nd, up 1), Azerbaijan (108th, up 1), Estonia (108th, up 1), Thailand (110th, up 1), Guinea-Bissau (119th, up 1), Tajikistan (120th, up 1) and Guatemala (130th, up 1).

Apart from these teams, no other has improved its position since December and the first 32 places in the standings have not changed since the end of 2020. Belgium, France, Brazil, England and Portugal remain at the top places.

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