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Forbes: Morocco 3rd country to invest in Africa

The year is starting well for The Kingdom in terms of economic attractiveness. Forbes has just published the ranking of the best countries to invest in 2019 and Morocco holds an honorable position at the African level.

Our country is in third position of African countries after respectively, Mauritius (39th worldwide) and South Africa (59th worldwide). Great Britain ranks first in the world for the second year in a row and despite the Brexit situation. On this same scale, Morocco is ranked 62nd out of 161 countries.

Note that Morocco recorded GDP growth of 4.1% which is greater than those of the top 10 countries in the ranking: the United Kingdom, first on the podium is thus at 1.7% growth only.

The criteria taken into account to establish this classification are not exclusively economic because Morocco on this level is rather in good order of march.

Forbes crosses for its ranking the data of several sources like the report Doing Business of the World Bank which measures the ease of investment, the taxes, the bureaucratic simplicity for the investors: on these aspects, the indicators of Morocco are at the same higher than the OECD average (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development) and far exceed the average for the Middle East and North Africa.

The other criteria that come into play to our detriment are those based on education, terrorist risk, GDP per capita, the report of “Transparency International”, on corruption, the report on the quality of life (Human Development Index) published by the United Nations.

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