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Freedom House: Morocco “partially free” on the internet

Freedom House’s global annual report on freedom on the net puts Morocco in the category of “partially free” countries.

Published on Tuesday, the report looked at the state of freedom on the Internet in 65 countries and estimates that it is declining for the ninth consecutive year, with a score of 54/100 against 55/100 in 2018.

Morocco is ranked 54th according to the criteria selected: obstacles to access, limitation of content and violations of user rights. He is the second best Arab country in the standings after Tunisia, which has a score of 64/100, while Algeria is not in the rankings.

The NGO has identified 14 barriers to Internet access for Morocco, 24 content limitations, more than in previous years and 16 user rights violations, a figure down.

Freedom House says, moreover, that this year “the freedom of the Internet is increasingly threatened by the tools and tactics of digital authoritarianism, which have spread rapidly around the world.”

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