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Fuels: New drop in prices

The liter of diesel will record a drop of MAD 0.9. The liter of petrol will drop by MAD 1.6. The fall in fuel prices continues in a context where demand is at its lowest due to containment measures.

Fuel prices will register a further significant drop after that of the second half of March when prices at the pump had dropped between MAD 0.80 and MAD 1 per liter for diesel, and MAD 1.20 per liter for unleaded petrol.

According to industry professionals polled by Médias24, the expected drop from April 1 is MAD 0.9 per liter for diesel and MAD 1.6 per liter.

So prices will drop to almost MAD 7 per liter of diesel without going below this threshold. The liter of petrol will be displayed at just under MAD 8.

By combining these two successive drops, the liter of diesel lost MAD 1.7 and that of petrol MAD 2.8 in 15 days. This does not count the first drop that took place at the beginning of March, which initially brought the liter of diesel below the MAD 9 mark.

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