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GCI 2019: Morocco ranked 61st worldwide

Morocco is one of the most developed countries in terms of technologies at the moment. According to data from the Global Connectivity Index (GCI) in its 2019 edition, Huawei indicates that the kingdom has managed to maintain its 61st place in the same way as the previous year.

Morocco is ranked 61st out of 79 countries in the world in terms of deploying connected solutions and infrastructure. The GCI 2019 presents a vision of the technological situation of 79 countries, to enable them to better fill their gaps.

For the 2019 edition, the top 5, which is based on a score system of 120 points, includes the United States (85 points), Switzerland (83 points), Sweden (81 points), Singapore (81 points) and Denmark (78 points). The “bad student” of this edition is Ethiopia, which is positioned 79th (23 points).

The report says the kingdom has significant strengths, especially at the 4G network, noting that 60% of the country’s area is covered by this technology. In this sense, it should be noted that the number of mobile subscriptions has posted a double-digit increase for the year 2018, which is driven, among other things, by the democratization of access to smartphones.

Indeed, in addition to the various offers offered by national telecom operators, the Moroccan market offers a wide range of equipment for all budgets, so that the majority of citizens are equipped with one or two smartphones at a minimum.

The 5G is not for tomorrow

The deployment of the fifth generation of the network is becoming a reality around the world. Although it was said that its deployment in Morocco would be done at the same time as in Europe, it seems that the kingdom will be equipped with this technology only from 2022. The report indicates in this sense that the kingdom will have to still rely on 4G for the next two years, in order to convey the data, while inviting it to continue investing in its current network infrastructure.

That said, the kingdom is now one of the most competitive countries in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region in terms of technology. This is reflected in the Kingdom’s efforts in the framework of the Maroc Digital 2020 plan, which aims to make the country one of the 3 technological powers of the MENA region and the African continent. This is also visible through the deployment of various data centers within the kingdom, whose objective is to support the country’s digital transformation, while attracting foreign economic players operating in various sectors of activity.

Thus, the report, which is based on a points system, indicates that at the level of the bandwidth, the kingdom displays a score of 36 points (63 points on average), 48 points for the Cloud (51 points on average), 18 points for artificial intelligence (27 points on average), and 21 points for connected objects (average of 35 points).

In terms of supply, the kingdom has a score of 24 points, for a global average of 41 points. The demand is 35 points (53 points on average), 48 points on the user experience (61 points on average), and 37 points for growth potential (48 points on average worldwide).

To summarize the situation of the kingdom, it is at a level “above the average, but with a high potential for evolution.”

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