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Global Firepower Index: Morocco 53rd in the 2021 ranking

Morocco is in 53rd position in the 2021 ranking of the Global Firepower Index of the largest military powers. Ranked in 56th position in 2020, the Kingdom therefore gains 3 places.

The Global Firepower Index ranked Morocco’s military strength 53rd out of 138 countries around the world in its 2021 ranking. The Royal Armed Forces were at 56th position in 2020 and 60th in 2019.

With a military budget estimated at more than 6 billion dollars, the Moroccan army is positioned just behind the Portuguese army (52nd) and ahead of that of Denmark (54th).

Unsurprisingly, it is still the United States which occupies the first place of the podium, with a military budget estimated at 740 billion dollars. They are followed by Russia, China, India, Japan, South Korea and France, as in the previous year’s ranking.

It is Bhutan (South Asia) that closes the world ranking in 138th place, as in 2020.

It should be noted that since 2006, this classification has been based on more than 50 factors (such as the size of the population, the population of working age, the population of age to be mobilized, the number of tanks, airplanes, war, military budget, foreign debt …) to determine the score of the power index of a given country and to determine the potential war capacity of each nation. The fleets of tankers, helicopters and paramilitary forces are taken into consideration in 2021.

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