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Global Firepower Index: Morocco occupies the 58th position

In the latest annual edition of the Global Firepower Index, an index relating to the military power of 138 states, Morocco is ranked 58th in the world, just after Slovenia and before Angola. At the broader regional level, it remains among the countries that invest the most in the military, but without being the most powerful.

Each year, the Global Firepower Index ranks countries according to their military strength. In its 2020 edition, this quantified report shows a very slight improvement in the ranking of Morocco, which occupies the 58th place in the world instead of the 60th, last year. But this small progress does not make the Moroccan army one of the most powerful at the regional and continental level, since Egypt or Algeria are doing better.

In the MENA region, it is indeed the country of the pharaohs which takes first place (10th in the world), followed by Saudi Arabia, which is also 17th in the world. 28th overall, Algeria occupies third Arab place, followed by the United Arab Emirates (46th), Syria (48th), Iraq (51st), Morocco (58th), Jordan (76th), Tunisia (78th), Libya (80th), Oman (82) and Mauritania (129th). In Africa, Moroccan military power is the sixth, once again surpassed by Egypt, Algeria, South Africa (31st in the world), Nigeria (44th).

A lot of investment for the army

Morocco, with a score of 0.8244, the one closest to 0 being the best, however invests a lot in equipment and means to strengthen its army. Indeed, Morocco’s defense budget is estimated at 10 billion US dollars, according to the report. As a result, the country has 17,157,000 people fit for military service. The number of soldiers reached 510,000, of which 310,000 were active and 200,000 reservists.

According to this report, Morocco has 291 aircraft, including 214 soldiers, among them 46 combat, 64 helicopters. In addition, the country has 1,443 tanks to its credit, 2,901 armored vehicles, 144 rocket launchers, 505 automatic artillery, in addition to 121 ships and five major ports specializing in the management of military affairs.

In this report which ranks 138 countries now instead of 137 last year, the top of the podium is occupied by the biggest world powers, namely the United States with a score of 0.0606, Russia rated at 0.0681, followed by China with an average of 0.0691, India with 0.1015 points and Japan with a score of 0.1471.

In the second part of the top 10, South Korea obtains an average of 0.1488, France is evaluated at 0.1702, ahead of the United Kingdom (0.1768), Brazil (0.1988).

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