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Global Innovation Index: Morocco ranks 74th in the world

Morocco has slightly improved its rank in the world ranking of the most advanced countries in terms of innovation, according to the latest report of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

According to the 2019 edition of the Global Innovation Index, the Kingdom has won two new podiums in the countries considered as the most innovative, now ranking 74th out of 129 countries scanned. He leads Panama (75th), Bosnia-Herzegovina (76th) and Kenya (77th), but comes just behind Belarus (72nd) and Argentina (73rd).

In this ranking, published jointly by WIPO, Cornell University and INSEAD, Morocco scores only 31.63 out of 100, far from Switzerland which retains its first place in this ranking with 67 , 24 out of 100. The most innovative country in the world is followed by Sweden (63,65), the United States (61,73), the Netherlands (61,44) and the United Kingdom (61,30).

At the scale of the African continent, Morocco moved into the third step of the podium, behind South Africa which is 63rd with a score of 34,04 out of 100 and Tunisia (70th, 32,83/100).

According to the Global Innovation Index, which ranks the capacity and performance of innovation economies, the UK is ahead of Kenya, which ranks 77th in the world with a score of 31,13 out of 100, Mauritania (82nd, 30,61/100), Egypt (92nd, 27,47/100), Botswana (93rd, 27,43/100), Rwanda (94th, 27,38/100 ) and Senegal (96th, 26,83/100).

It should be noted that the 2019 Index has been established on the basis of 80 indicators, ranging from traditional measurement instruments such as investments in research and development, international patent applications and international trademark applications, to new indicators, including the creation of mobile applications and exports of high-technology products, according to WIPO.

Note that it also takes into account the economic context. This allows, for example, the organization to point out that despite signs of slowing global economic growth, “innovation continues to flourish, particularly in Asia”.

Regarding indicators related to institutions, Morocco ranks 72nd in the world with a score of 61,1. It ranks 75th in terms of “human capital and research” with a score of 27,8, where it ranks 47th in the field of “education” (54).

For those linked to “infrastructures”, the country ranks 61st with a score of 48 and an acceptable place in terms of sustainable development (47th, 43,6).

With a score of 65,6, Morocco ranks 49th in the fields of trade and competition, while it occupies an unenviable rank in that of “business development” (122nd) with a score of 19,8 only.

In addition, in its comments, WIPO also reports that since 2012, the economies of the Sub-Saharan Africa region have been more successful in achieving relatively good innovation results, relative to their level of economic development, than in any other region, citing the case of Kenya, South Africa, Rwanda and Mozambique, which distinguished themselves this year in terms of innovation.

With regard to South Africa, the report states that the country “benefits from a relatively sophisticated credit and investment market, as evidenced by indicators such as internal credit to the private sector and market capitalization of enterprises”, highlighting other indicators of good results such as the remuneration of intellectual property and the quality of publications.

As for Rwanda, it appears that this country “has made considerable progress that allowed it to advance five places compared to 2018 to reach the ninety-fourteenth position”, which earned him the title of best economy of the country group oflow-income countries.

According to the organization, the country of the thousand hills has shown “good results in terms of capital formation, ease of access to credit, vocational training offered by companies and imports of high-tech products”.

Commenting on the ranking, WIPO Director General Francis Gurry said that “the Global Innovation Index shows us that countries that give priority to innovation in their policies have made significant progress in their ranking”.

Note that this ranking was also published with the expert partners of the 2019 edition of the Global Innovation Index, the Confederation of Indian Industries, Dassault Systèmes – the 3DEXPERIENCE Company, the National Confederation of Industry of Brazil and the Brazilian Service for Micro and Small Enterprises.

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