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GPI 2020: Morocco 1st in North Africa, 83rd in the World

The Global Peace Index (GPI) 2020 is concerned about the deterioration of the situation by the Covid-19 crisis. According to (GPI) 2020, world peace will be compromised in the years to come. The health crisis would increase countries’ political instability, affect international relations and strengthen conflicts, civil rights and violence. In 2020, the average level of peace in the world deteriorated for the ninth time in twelve years, 81 countries saw their level of peace improve while 80 deteriorated.

Morocco is part of the Middle East and North Africa Zone (MENA) dominated by Qatar, the first and 27th world in the Global Peace Index for the year 2020. The 2020 report covered 163 countries in the world and in the region MENA, Kuwait comes in second position (39 in the world), followed by the United Arab Emirates (41) and Oman in fourth position (68), Morocco then comes in 83rd place. Ranked 90th in the year 2019, it therefore progresses by 7 ranks and is therefore the first country in North Africa ahead of Tunisia 92nd, Algeria 117th, Egypt 130th and Libya 157th.

This progress, the Kingdom owes it to the analysis of its level of security and safety, to the degree of pacifism and the implication or not in the local and international conflicts, and other indicators such as the rather low crime rate terrorism, or violent demonstrations inside the country etc. The GPI also assesses militarization via seven criteria: military expenditure as a percentage of GDP, the number of members of the armed forces per 100,000 inhabitants, the volume of conventional weapons imported and exported per 100,000 inhabitants, the financial contribution to the maintenance missions UN peace, heavy and nuclear weapons capabilities, easy access to small arms and light weapons.

According to the index, militarization is declining worldwide, with 100 countries having reduced their military spending since 2008. The economic cost of violence in Morocco, would amount to more than 17 million dollars, according to the GPI index. This places it at 89th in the world in this sub-index, annually violence per capita costs $ 894, or 6% of Morocco’s GDP, indicates the GPI 2020.

Russia, the United States and France ranked among the most militarized countries in the world, according to the Global Peace Index 2020. However, Israel is in first place ahead of Russia, North Korea, the United States, France, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Libya and Iraq. The coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19) will also make its contribution to the general deterioration already noted in the peace situation, which could “cancel in this regard years of socio-economic development”, exacerbate humanitarian crises and aggravate already existing conflicts, still estimates the GPI 2020.

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