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Greenpeace NGO ranks Morocco among 25 countries emitting sulfur dioxide

The report, prepared by Greenpeace India and NASA, identified three major SO2 emitters in Morocco: the Jorf Lasfar and Mohammedia coal plants, and the Safi coal-fired power plant.

The mists of polluting particles are not rife in Casablanca. The two coal plants of Jorf Lasfar and Mohammedia are also major sulfur dioxide (SO2) emitting foci – not to mention the most important in the country – and are among the leading in the world.

This is apparent from a mapping developed by Greenpeace India and NASA. The environmental protection NGO relied on satellite data obtained by the US Space Agency to rank the world’s largest pollution areas. Published last week, the latter is based on the link between fossil fuel power plants, refineries and industries on the one hand, and high levels of sulfur dioxide (SO2) emissions on the other hand, says the same source.

Thus, Morocco is among the 25 global emitters of sulfur dioxide, knowing that it is at the bottom of this ranking, dominated by India (4,586 kilotonnes of SO2 emitted each year), Russia (3,683 ) and China (2,578). Morocco’s SO2 emission is estimated at 216 kilotonnes per year, for all households: the Jorf Lasfar coal-fired power plant (113 kt/yr in 2018) and Mohammedia’s (73 kt/yr in 2018), as well as Safi Coal Power Station (30).

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