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GTI: Morocco ranked 92nd in the world

The drama of Imlil has weighed heavily on the security image of the kingdom in 2018. According to the Global Terrorism Index (GTI), in its 2019 edition, Morocco has plunged 40 places, ranking 92nd in the world, following the murder brutal two Scandinavian tourists by extremists.

The 7th edition of the GTI, conducted by the Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP), provides a census of the security situation in 138 countries around the world. For the 2019 edition, the report indicates that terrorism caused 15,952 deaths in 2018, down 15.2% for the fourth year in a row. That said, despite this decline, the number of countries affected by terrorist acts remains quite high, as 71 countries have registered at least one death due to terrorism.

The GTI indicates that deaths caused by terrorism have dropped by 52% from the level recorded in 2014, when terrorist acts were at their peak. As to their nature, armed attacks and bomb attacks are the most common, especially in conflict zones such as Iraq, Syria and Nigeria, where terrorist groups are active (Daesh and Shebabs).

For the year 2018, contrary to what one might think, Afghanistan has returned to the forefront of the countries most affected by terrorism, with 7,379 deaths recorded in one year, or an increase of 59% compared to the year 2017.

The specter of terrorism continues to hover over Morocco

Morocco dropped 40 places in the GTI ranking in 2018, following the drama of Imlil, during which two Scandinavian tourists were brutally executed by individuals who had pledged allegiance to the terrorist organization, Daesh.

The report indicates that this incident is the first of its kind within the kingdom, and is the main factor behind the fall of the kingdom in the rankings.

In fact, the Criminal Division of Salé’s Court of Appeal, which specializes in terrorism cases, ruled heavily in this case, condemning the main defendants to death last October.

Moreover, it should be noted that the kingdom is the most reactive in the region in terms of security, thanks to the rapid intervention of the elements of the Directorate General of National Security (DGSN), the General Directorate of Surveillance of the Territory (DGST) and the Central Bureau of Judicial Investigation (BCIJ). Indeed, several security operations have been conducted in the kingdom since, allowing the dismantling of cells, affiliated with Daesh, before they commit any terrorist act.

The vigilance and expertise of the security elements of the kingdom are most welcomed in the world. This is borne out by the different exercises conducted jointly by much more developed countries

Similarly, many European countries often use Morocco in different security scenarios.

That said, in terms of the ranking of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, Morocco placed 17th, while Oman is placed as a “bad student” of the top 20. Iraq leads, followed by Syria and Yemen, while Egypt ranks fourth, and our Tunisian and Algerian neighbors rank 12th and 13th.

Xenophobia has weighed heavily on the world in 2018

In addition, terrorist acts by extremists returned in force during this period, especially in Western Europe and the United States. This is reflected in particular by the various shootings in these areas, often motivated by xenophobia, especially towards Muslim and black communities.

The report indicates that these crimes have increased 320% over the last 5 years, while in 2018, they have increased by 52%.

In addition, the terrorist acts of far-right movements remain relatively small compared to terrorist acts on a global scale.

The US is the most concerned by these acts, in that the country has recorded a 6.7% drop in its index of peace during the last 10 years.

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