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Hajj 2020: The decision of the Saudi authorities

The Saudi authorities decided on Monday to maintain the pilgrimage for this 1441 year of the Hegira with “a very limited number of faithful representing all the nationalities being inside the Kingdom”, due to the pandemic of the new coronavirus.

A statement from the Saudi Ministry of Hajj says that “given the continuing pandemic of Coronavirus, the severity of infection in rallies, human crowds and movements between countries of the world, and increasing rates Infection in the world, it was decided to maintain the pilgrimage for this year 1441 of the Hegira with a very limited number for the whole of the nationalities which are inside the Kingdom”.

This measure was taken in accordance with the precepts of Islam aimed at preserving human life and following the recommendations of the Ministry of Health which reported the persistent risks of this pandemic and the lack of vaccines and treatments for people infected with the virus, the statement added.

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