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Harmony OS: Huawei officially introduces Google’s Android competitor

Long teased in the technological sphere, Huawei has finally lifted the veil on its home operating system. Called “HarmonyOS”, this one is a big alternative to Google’s Android.

Presented by company boss Richard Yu at the Huawei Developper Conference, held on Aug. 9 and continuing until Oct. 11 in Dongguan, China, the OS of the Chinese automaker is likely to offer considerable development.

Indeed, the name of the OS is not a coincidence, since Huawei aims that Harmony is usable on different devices, not only on smartphones. HarmonyOS is a system designed to adapt to the needs of users, whether for smartphones, PC, TV, wearables, IoT, etc.

In the details, unlike Android and iOS, HarmonyOS was not developed based on Linux and Unix, which allows Huawei to overcome a lot of technical limitations compared to the systems of Google and Apple.

The architecture adopted on Harmony allows it to be faster and smoother compared to Android, because it will consume less RAM to run. In addition, the Chinese system has been developed in open source, which allows developers to make various modifications that correspond to their needs, but also to other market players to adopt this system to their equipment, and this, the same as Android’s Open Source Project (AOSP, open source version of Android). However, developers will not be able to change the core of the system, which remains closed.

In terms of applications, Huawei has indicated interest in programs developed in Java, C/C ++, JavaScript/HTML5, and Kotlin. In addition, the Android applications will be compatible with Harmony, but there is a “but”: the application and the universe Play Store will not be accessible on the OS of Huawei. However, users will be able to install open source applications from AOSP.

That said, the deployment of the OS is not planned for the moment by the manufacturer, indicating that the company still wants to use Android applications for now. Yu said that Huawei is “ready to deploy HarmonyOS on its terminals at any time, if necessary,” which comes after Trump’s comments about the company’s stay, which should end on August 19th.

That said, the operating system of the Chinese manufacturer, in development since 2017, should be done by 2022. Indeed, the company aims to have its OS available on PC, watches and bracelets connected in 2020, on speakers connected in 2021 and virtual reality glasses in 2022.

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