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Huawei private from Facebook applications

Chinese telecom giant Huawei will no longer be allowed to pre-install Facebook applications on its new smartphones, following a decision by the world’s leading social media organization in the wake of US sanctions in the name of national security in the context of trade dispute between Beijing and Washington.

The group has suspended for the time being the supply of technologies enabling Huawei to pre-install these applications, stating that it is “examining” the official texts of the US authorities and “taking measures to comply with them”, according to a Facebook spokesperson. Like many popular applications, Facebook is pre-installed on smartphones implying that the social network collaborates technologically with the Chinese group to make this possible. The Trump administration has banned technology sharing between Chinese and US groups, resulting in cascading effects across the technology sector.

Google said in May that it should stop cooperation with Huawei, depriving it of access to its Android mobile operating system and some important applications. Other companies around the world have announced that they will stop working with Huawei.

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