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Human Freedom Index: Morocco ranked 117th

Morocco was ranked 117th in the world out of 162 in the 2020 Human Freedom Index published by the Cato Research Foundation. The mark awarded to Morocco is 6.28 points. The purpose of this classification is to follow the degrees of freedom of the subjects according to the levels of personal and economic freedom.

According to the report, Morocco has made some efforts regarding freedoms, going from 127th position in 2014, 121 in 2015, 118 in 2016 to drop to 117th place this year.

The international report bases its assessment on a set of sub-indicators. The first is economic freedom, in which Morocco ranked 94th internationally, with a score of 6.70, while it ranked 129 internationally out of 162 in the personal freedom index, with a score of 5.86.

The personal freedom sub-indicator is divided into several levels. These include religious freedom, in which Morocco scored 4.4 points, safety and security (7.7 points), freedom of expression 7.7 points, and identity gender and sexual relations, in which Morocco obtained 1.3 points.

The sub-indicator on economic freedom is also divided into several levels. We evoke the economic system linked to a sound currency, in which Morocco obtained a good score of 7.2, the size of the government in which Morocco obtained 6.4 points, and the freedom of international trade in which it obtained obtained 6.9 points.

In North Africa and the Middle East, the Algerian neighbor was ranked 136th in terms of personal freedom with a score of 5.42, while Israel tops the country (53rd), followed by Jordan (80th), Lebanon (97th), Kuwait (113th), Morocco (117th), as well as Bahrain (117th).

On the African continent, South Africa tops the rankings with 68th place in the world, in addition to Ghana, which the report places 72nd in the world, Rwanda which is 78th in the world, and Namibia, which ranks 80th in the world.

Regarding the international ranking, New Zealand, Switzerland, China, Denmark, Australia, Canada, Ireland, Estonia, Germany, Sweden, Finland and Japan are at the top of the ranking. It should be remembered that this classification is based on 76 sub-indicators in the areas of economic and personal freedom in order to know the level of human freedom in a given country.

The highest levels of freedom were recorded in North America (Canada and United States), Western Europe and Asia, while the lowest levels were found in North Africa, the Middle East, Africa sub-Saharan and South Asia. In addition, the level of women’s freedoms is increasing in North America, Western Europe and East Asia, the report says.

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