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IAM: Gabon Telecom, launched an experimental field of 5G

The operator Gabon Telecom, a subsidiary of the Maroc Telecom Group (IAM), Friday Friday in Libreville, launched a full-scale experimentation field of 5G on 3 sites in the capital of Gabon.

The actual launch was announced at a joint press conference between Gabon Telecom’s General Manager Abderrahim Koumaa and Gabon’s President of the Regulatory Authority for Electronic Communications and Posts (ARCEP), Lin Mombo.

This life-size experiment involving three sites in the capital Libreville, namely the Sablière, Triomphal Boulevard and the interministerial building, is spread over 6 months and could be extended for one year.

On this occasion, Koumaa stressed that Gabon Telecom is one of the most innovative operators with the introduction of 4G and 4G + and its widespread across Gabon, noting that the subsidiary of Maroc Telecom Group is today among the first telecom operators in Africa to experiment with 5G.

“The full-scale experimentation of 5G will assess the value of this technology for innovative applications in the areas covered and draw lessons for its future development,” he continued, noting that the 5G is not a simple technology or an arithmetic suite of 2G, 3G, 4G. “It’s an ecosystem that is undertaking a breakthrough from past technologies at both Telecom and the application level,” he said.

And note that through this experimentation, Gabon telecom, which consolidates its pioneering position in terms of technologies and broadband, proves its ability to adapt its network to this technology, noting that the operator also wants to demystify this technology as is done in several countries around the world by allowing its customers to discover it in the three zones of experimentation.

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