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Imlil murders: Pursuit of the audition on appeal

The Criminal Chamber (2nd level) in charge of terrorism cases near the annex of the Court of Appeal in Salé continued, yesterday, the hearing of the accused in the murder of the two Scandinavian tourists in the region of Imlil (province of El-Haouz).

This fifth hearing of the Court was devoted to hearing the individuals involved in this case, as well as the two main defendants. The latters were thus confronted with the facts alleged against them in accordance with the minutes of the judicial police and the investigating judge.

In this respect, the accused persons had denied most of the charges against them during the preliminary investigation and before the investigating judge. In addition, the defendants were confronted with the statements they had made before the Criminal Chamber, in which they denied the main charges. During the same hearing, the Court sent 20 defendants the charges of “planning terrorist acts targeting tourists, elements of the Royal Gendarmerie and National Security and certain tourist sites”.

These are also charges of non-reporting a crime and apologizing for terrorism. Last July, the 24 individuals prosecuted in this case were sentenced in the first instance to sentences ranging from five years in prison to the death penalty. The defendants were prosecuted for “forming a gang to prepare and commit terrorist acts, harming the lives of people with premeditation and possession of firearms and attempting to manufacture explosives in violation of the law, in the part of a collective project designed to seriously undermine public order”.

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