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Imlil murders: The defense requires psychological expertise

The defense of the defendants in the case of the murder of the two Scandinavian tourists in the region of Imlil (El-Haouz province) on Thursday requested a psychological expertise on the defendants, during a hearing of the Criminal Chamber in charge of business Terrorism near the annex of the Court of Appeal in Salé. “Such a crime is exceptional and can not be done by normal people,” said the defense lawyers, assigned ex officio in the framework of legal aid. The perpetrators of this double murder “must be abnormally psychologically and socially abnormal, especially since they come from an environment plagued by ignorance and precariousness,” they argued, saying that these, “being of low educational level, have been brainwashed”.

The defense of the State, for its part, asked the Court not to engage the role of the State in this case and to declare itself incompetent in this respect, underlining that the institutions of the State fully assume their mission and that ‘there was no default or negligence, as evidenced by the guarantee of fair trial conditions. They further asserted that no legal basis can be invoked to engage State responsibility in this crime, assuring that the Moroccan State absolutely fulfills its functions in terms of the protection of borders and persons, whether Moroccan or foreign. “Morocco welcomes every year 13 million foreign tourists who spend their holidays safely,” said the defense of the state, adding that “what happened is quite exceptional.”

It is, they said, ignorant people, which does not question the role of the Moroccan police and all the relevant apparatus in this area. This hearing was marked by the presentation of a letter from the mother of the Danish victim, through the lawyer of his family.

In this letter, the focus is on the efforts made by Moroccan security services to protect foreign tourists, pointing out that these services did not commit any fault resulting in the murder of his daughter. The mother also claimed the death penalty for the perpetrators of the double murder. During this hearing, the Criminal Chamber for Terrorism Affairs attached to the Court of Appeal’s annex set a date of July 18 to resume consideration of the trial. It also decided to dedicate the next hearing to the last word of the accused and the closing of the proceedings. Accused, including a dual Swiss and Spanish citizen, are being prosecuted for “forming a gang to prepare and commit terrorist acts, harming premeditated persons, possessing firearms and attempting to manufacture explosives in violation of the law, as part of a collective project aimed at seriously undermining public order”.

As part of the investigations carried out after the discovery of the dead bodies of two foreign tourists in the region of Imlil, the Central Bureau of Judicial Investigations (BCIJ) reporting to the General Directorate of National Territorial Surveillance, had announced the arrest of the accused, in collaboration with the Royal Gendarmerie and National Security.

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