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Imlil murders: The trial postponed to next September

The trial of the 24 accused in the murder of the two Scandinavian tourists in the Imlil region of El Haouz province opened Wednesday in front of the Criminal Chamber in charge of terrorism cases near the annex of the Court of Call Salé (2nd degree) before being postponed to September 11th.

Last July, the same court sentenced the 24 individuals prosecuted in this case to sentences ranging from five years in prison to the death penalty. In a statement, Khalid Fettaoui, a lawyer for one of the victims said that the first hearing was devoted to procedural issues, noting that the investigating judge verified the presence of the defendants and the defense.

The defendants were prosecuted for “forming a gang to prepare and commit terrorist acts, harming the lives of people with premeditation, possessing firearms and attempting to manufacture explosives in violation of the law, as part of a collective project to seriously undermine public order”.

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  1. Questions for the defense attorneys

    Have you ever experienced the joy of finding out you’re pregnant? How about the first kick in the womb? Your water breaking? The birth? The baby’s first tooth? The first utterance of “Mommy” and “Daddy”? Comforting your baby when crying or sick?

    How about getting a video via Facebook of your baby getting her head sawn off as your baby screams, “Mother!” while another who films steps on her head to keep her still?

    Is that something you experienced? Or do you quietly share the same extremist ideas of those you defend? Is that it?

    Justice for Louisa Vesterarger Jespersen and Maren Ueland. NO APPEAL.

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