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Infected mint: Offenders risk big

The regional services of the National Office for Sanitary Safety of Food Products (ONSSA), in collaboration with the local authorities, proceeded to the destruction of cultures of mint fields that have been treated with unauthorized pesticides for this crop in order to avoid marketing on national markets.

In a statement, ONSSA said that in parallel to this measure, PV offenses were established against offenders and were sent to justice.

This measure comes after the results of the analyzes of several samples revealed the use of unauthorized pesticides on mint cultivation, explains the same source, noting that this observation can not be generalized to all the production of mint put on the local market.

The surveillance and sanitary control of mint crops will continue to be maintained at the level of production and distribution, in order to guarantee a product compliant with health safety standards, the statement said, noting that wholesale markets, large and medium surfaces, have been asked to require the analysis bulletins compliant with the safety of mint.

ONSSA’s services have carried out the inspection of mint farms as part of the enhanced sanitary control of mint, according to the same source who notes that this plan is implemented in the main mint-producing regions, namely the Rabat-Kenitra region, Tangier-Tetouen-Al Hoceima, Casa-Settat, Souss-Massa, Marrakech-Safi and Fez-Meknes.

ONSSA implements annual plans for the health surveillance of plant products in all regions of the Kingdom, particularly fruits, vegetables and herbs, the statement said.

The reasoned use of pesticides contributes to the fight against pests of mint (diseases, insect pests, weeds), says the ONSSA, calling on farmers to use only registered products and scrupulously respect the method of use.

Failure to comply with existing pesticide regulations will result in administrative penalties and legal action, the statement said.

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