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INFOINVENT: Morocco wins gold medal in Moldova

At the 16th edition of the International Exhibition of Inventions (INFOINVENT-2019) held from 20 to 23 November in Moldova, the Moroccan inventor Majid El Bouzzaoui won a gold medal.

In detail, the award-winning invention solves a problem that could block the operation of telecom networks through 5G and other future technologies and this at the level of the digitization of data to be transmitted, which is also the first step in the process of telecommunication between two users. This is what the Moroccan association OFEED indicated in a statement published this Tuesday. The invention thus finds its full interest because “this scanning step has a direct impact on the transmission speed, whatever the technology used on the telecommunication network. Indeed, the speed of the 5G telecom network is irrelevant if the data to be transmitted are not available at the same pace”.

With the arrival of 5G, the statement added, scanning with current technologies is no longer enough to reach the required speed level, indicating that the Moroccan invention can digitize information to be transmitted much faster by reducing number of transistors used, which speeds up data transmission over 5G telecommunication networks and beyond.

The INFOINVENT-2019 event, organized by the Moldovan Intellectual Property Agency (AGEPI), was attended by more than 1,000 inventions from more than 30 countries.

The award-winning Moroccan invention has already enabled the Kingdom to win a gold medal and the Grand Prix at the International Competition of Invention iCAN-2019 in Canada, as well as a Gold Medal at the International Fair of Inventions in Istanbul (ISIF-2019), reminds the association OFEED.

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