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Inwi launches “inwi money”, its mobile payment solution

Inwi, the global digital operator has launched “inwi money”, its mobile payment solution. A new activity that allows each mobile phone holder to have a “mobile wallet” and access to many financial services.

Inwi thus becomes the first telecom operator to launch its mobile money offer in Morocco. The operator thus participates in the diversification of payment methods in Morocco, the acceleration of the financial inclusion of the largest number of Moroccans and the dematerialization of cash transactions.

To benefit from the services inwi money, nothing more simple. Subscription can be easily done on all types of phones for inwi customers by dialing * 800 #. Moreover, all mobile users, whether they are inwi or not, can access the service by downloading the “inwi money” application and create their accounts directly from their smartphones or from any inwi agency.

“Inwi money has set itself the goal of making a significant contribution to financial inclusion in Morocco by boosting transactional uses through a range of services accessible to the greatest number of people,” explains Ghassane El Machrafi, Chairman of inwi money.

“Inwi money will promote the emergence of new financial digital services that will allow our customers, whether banked or not, to access payment and transfer tools dematerialized and fully secure. This is a new way for our customers to manage their money by putting more mobility and immediacy into their daily lives,” explains Nicolas Levi, CEO of inwi money.

“inwi money”, a new activity of inwi

For inwi, “inwi money” represents a brand new activity that adds to those of the telecom operator. Perfectly autonomous, this activity will develop and generate new digital and financial services.

Inwi money already provides access to a diverse range of transparent, mobile and personalized financial services: money transfer; the purchase of refills; the payment of bills; the merchant payment.

What does “inwi money” do?

With inwi money, customers will be able to access a wide range of financial services simply from their mobile phone. These are essentially two families of services: transfers and payments.

The transfers allow to send and receive, directly on his mobile, sums of money, including soon international. Payments, in turn, pay bills, products and services from your mobile phone.

inwi money offers the possibility of:

Feed and withdraw money

Inwi money customers can withdraw money from their mobile wallet through the entire inwi money network of authorized agencies and retailers. They can also keep these sums on their mobile wallet and use them for their future payments or transfers.

To transfer money

Inwi money customers can receive national and soon international transfers or cash transfers directly on their phones. They can also transfer money to an inwi money customer by filling in their phone number. The latter immediately receives a notification that allows him to benefit instantaneously from his transfer.

Pay your bills and recharge your phone

Thanks to “inwi money”, users can pay their bills inwi, make phone recharges, directly from their phone and at any time of the day.

Pay at the merchants

Customers can also make payments to certain professionals (merchants, retailers, doctors, etc.) who will accept Inwi Money payments. The payment will be instantaneous and will no longer require to have cash on hand;

How does inwi money work?

To benefit from the services of inwi money, nothing more simple. Subscription can be done on basic phones for inwi customers by dialing * 800 #, In addition, all mobile owners, whether they are inwi customers or not, can download free “inwi money” application on iOS as well as on Android and create their accounts directly from their smartphones or in any inwi agencies.

The customer has no document to produce to activate his mobile wallet as long as it does not exceed the ceiling of 200 dirhams. Beyond that, he will have to go to an inwi store to activate an upper ceiling (Up to 20,000 Dirhams).

To supply or debit his account, the customer will be able to go to all authorized sales points.

How much do services cost on inwi money?

With inwi money, transactions become instant. Savings in terms of time, but also in terms of money especially important. Thus, certain operations such as the activation of the inwi money wallet, but also payments, inwi recharge payments and transfer receipts, remain totally free. Commissions on the issue of mobile transfers and withdrawals are very accessible (MAD 10 only for a transfer of MAD 1000).

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